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Green Bentonite Clay
Green Bentonite Clay
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ZetaWize Green Calcium Clay is a pure Bentonite clay that is mined from deep within the earth being formed from remnants of weathered volcanic ash and water. Our fine particle powder Bentonite Green Clay has a strong negative charge that acts as a bio-magnet in and on our bodies making it a GREAT DETOX Supplement. Once mixed with water, it actively attracts metals and toxins to it providing a natural cleansing effect by bonding to potentially harmful elements. Green Clay also offers a wide spectrum of micro-elements and has an balancing charge affect on the body with it’s high Alkaline pH factors. ZetaWize Green Clay is a REMARKABLE & USEFUL product for everyone Supplementing or into Alternative Health protocols!

For internal use: Mix 1 rounded teaspoon of clay powder in 2 oz. of water. For topical use: Mix 1 part clay powder to 3 parts water . Let stand until smooth. For baths: Mix 1 to 2 cups of clay powder into bath water. Limit time in water to approximately 20 minutes.
Green Clay Calcium Bentonite
All Natural Calcium Bentonite Green Clay
All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay does not have USDA minimum daily amounts established.  However, Our clay contains hundreds of micro-nutrients that's part of material naturally occurring.
* Help needed to Balance Body PH levels * Detoxification of Body from harmful chemicals * Bacteria Neutralization required * Reduction of Radiation elements * Heavy metals exposure * Strengthen Immune system needed * Natural method to abet Purification of Blood * Toxins Removal needed * Healing of Ulcers and Wounds * Alternative to Dissolve tumors * Natural gentle method to Mineralize your Body.

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