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Clay, French Green Clay Powder 1 lb: K
Clay, French Green Clay Powder 1 lb: K
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This is Frontier’s double wall silverfoil pack. Some Frontier packs are double wall wax-lined paper.

This is cosmetic grade clay. Light green in color, with medium absorbency, this is a traditional facial clay and good for problem skin types.

Sun dried Green Clay has a record of usage by the Romans, Greeks and Ancient Egyptians to treat a wide variety of ailments. Its application is becoming increasingly widespread, especially in France where its successes have been well documented.

It is an excellent substance for combining with essential oils, each having a synergistic effect on the other to enhance their mutual therapeutic properties.

BATHING: Add a handfull of Green Clay to bath water with your chosen essential oils. The mineral salts can lift energy levels and soften the skin.

POULTICE: To make a soothing, comforting application for muscles and joints, put a good quantity of Powdered Green Clay into a large glass bowl. Add spring water and mix with a wooden spoon. Allow the clay to absorb the water then add up to 6 drops of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ginger or Rosemary essential oils.
Mix again to a smooth paste.
Apply directly onto the affected part or onto a piece of gauze which is then placed onto the body with the gauze uppermost. Secure with a bandage and leave in place for two hours before renewing if necessary - to continue the soothing action of the clay and oils.
Never re-use a poultice.

Easy Facial for normal to oily skin
¼ c. french green clay
¼ c. water
2 TBS. sunflower or other light oil

Combine clay and water first, blend, then add oil. Spread on face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rest for 10 mins. then gently rinse off with warm water.

Deodorizing Foot Mask
½ c. french green clay
½ c. water
few drops tea tree essential oil

Blend clay and water, add essential oil. Slather thickly on feet, and loosely wrap in plastic if desired. After 15 mins. rinse with cool water, and follow with moisturizer.

Gourmet Spa Facial
¼ c. french green clay
¼ c. water
2 TBS. honey
¼ c. mashed banana or avocado

Blend first the clay and water, then add the honey and fruit. Spread on face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rest for 10 mins. then gently rinse off with warm water.


Kim Draper:

There are three bases used for a clay facial mask, White Kaolin which has a astringent effect and removes impurities from normal to oily skin; Fullers Earth which has a stimulating effect and removes dead skin cells on normal to oily skins; Green Clay which is the most popular base for the facial mask because it can be used on all types of skin care conditions. It can be used to balance combination skin, normalize oily skin, and revitalize dry skin. It is rich in vitamin and minerals and has antiseptic healing properties that leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

A homemade mask will take you no more than a few minutes to put together, and once you have the basic ingredients ready in a jar you can have your own instant facial mask ready for use. The best thing is that the mask is tailor made especially for you.

Basic Clay Facial Mask Base:
2 oz Green Clay
3 tsp. Cornflower
Mix together and keep in a jar ready to combine into one of the formulas below. Smooth the paste on the skin, leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse off with warm water, then pat face dry.

Normal Skin Facial Mask
Basic Mask Base
1 tbs. Egg Yolk
1 Water 1tsp
Combine and use 1 drop
Geranium Oil 1 drop
Bois de Rose 1 drop

Dry Skin Facial Mask
Basic Mask Base
1 tbs. Egg Yolk
1 Sweet Almond Oil
1 tsp. Carrot Oil
1 tsp. Water 2 tsp.
Combine and use 1 drop
Chamomile Oil 1 drop
Rose Geranium 1 drop

Oily Skin Facial Mask
Basic Mask Base
1 tbs. Brewers Yeast
1 tbs. Water 1 tbs.
Combine and use 1 drop
Rosemary Oil 1 drop
Lavender Oil 1 drop

Do not apply any type of facial mask just before a special occasion; the reason for this is the drawing power of the mask can flush the skin.

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French green clay powder.

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