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Olive Oil Shampoo 8 fl oz: K
Olive Oil Shampoo 8 fl oz: K
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Your entire family will enjoy this richly moisturizing shampoo. Its ingredients gently cleanse your hair and nurture a lustrous shine. Edgar Cayce recommended a pure castile (olive oil-based) shampoo for regular hair care, as a follow up to Crudoleum treatments, and for keeping hair light, full textured, and strong. Our customers tell us that its excellent for all hair types, and is especially kind to dry or brittle hair. Its even gentle enough for babies.
Deionized water, vegetable oil-derived soap and sudsing agents make this the pure choice for your halo!

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Lather, rinse, repeat. This is the best shampoo to use following Crudoleum application. It''s great for babies and children as well as adults. Our Olive Oil Shampoo is also an excellent hand soap with superior grease-cutting qualities. Just use the convenient dispenser top.
Water, Olive Oil Soap, Coconut Oil Soap, and Lauric Diethanolamine (sudsing agent).
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Heritage Store
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