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Myrrh Pure Floral Incense 10 Grams: K
Myrrh Pure Floral Incense 10 Grams: K
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These are hand rolled incense sticks that contain no toxic or artificial materials. Delicate scents from fragrant woods, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, barks and premium quality essential oils.

The Finest Natural Ingredients

Auroshikha's quality is based, first and foremost, on the selection of the finest natural ingredients to create the finest incense anywhere in the world. The master French Perfumer who has been in charge of quality control for more than 25 years carefully sources these ingredients. Whether using Mysore Sandalwood, or Pine from the Himalayas, Lavender from France of the finest Patchouli from Singapore, he has worked hard to locate the best sources from the best locations around the world to create an extraordinary fragrance in each case. All ingredients also meet the stringent guidelines established by the International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland. Even items such as the bamboo sticks on which the incense is rolled are subjected to the careful scrutiny of the Auroshikha quality control team.

Auroshikha uses fragrant woods, barks, herbs, and essential oils to create the most extraordinary range of ''true to nature'' fragrances you will find anywhere in the world.

Hand rolled in small batches for quality control

Auroshikha incense is made using a natural bamboo stick onto which a paste made of jeegat (a natural bark), Sandalwood powder and charcoal is then hand-rolled. The fragrances, after being carefully blended to achieve just the right note, are then either mixed into the paste for the masala fragrances, or are impregnated into the paste through a hand-dipping process. Auroshikha uses no glue in its incense paste, and no cow dung, making it different in this regard than many incense varieties from around the world.

The real secret to achieving the consistent quality that has made Auroshikha incense world famous is the careful blending of the fragrances personally carried out and overseen constantly by the master French perfumer, who brings his long experience and background and combines it with the ultimate ''art'' of quality fragrance-crafting. Other than Auroshikha, very few in the world have actually developed to this level of perfection.

Guaranteed Non-Toxic

The use of natural fragrances and the avoidance of using glue or cow dung have helped Auroshikha create non-toxic fragrances suitable for use as incense sticks in enclosed spaces. Auroshikha has had its products tested by an independent testing laboratory in India, and another in Europe, to ensure that they do not contain any heavy metals and are certified non-toxic. No other incense manufacturer we know of goes to this length to ensure the safety of its product. Auroshikha is proud to stand behind its products as being guaranteed non-toxic based on these test results.

Village Cottage Industry

The incense sticks are hand-rolled in the traditional manner and then packaged by Indian villagers, who have developed a real cottage industry in South India to support the worldwide demand for the Auroshikha products. Auroshikha has helped the villagers succeed in improving their quality of life through their high local wage standards, as well as their financial support, which enables a school for the village children, medical support as well as water and food. Auroshikha does not permit child labor in the production of its products; rather it has taken great pains to ensure that the children receive a regular education so they are prepared to live in the modern world as it is developing in India today.

Aromatherapy Quality Fragrances

Many people are discovering the benefits of aromatherapy, essentially, the use of fragrance to create an uplifting or enhancing mood or environmental effect. Studies have shown that fragrance reaches the deepest part of the mind where the ancient memories are stored, and can unlock the deeply seated and forgotten feelings and emotions tied to those memories. This process has been found to have a therapeutic and beneficial effect in a wide range of circumstances.

These are fragrances that are useful for stress reduction, such as lavender; or for deep internalization useful for meditation such as frankincense. Others, such as sandalwood, are useful in purifying the atmosphere and in helping to remove unwanted thoughts, or rose, useful in evoking the feelings of love and gratitude. Others such as geranium can uplift the spirits and invigorate the mind.

The entire range of Auroshikha incense products are designed to provide the scent that is ''true to nature'' and therefore suitable for various aromatherapy applications.

Award Winning Products

Auroshikha has been consistently recognized for the last quarter century as producing the finest quality natural incense products, It has been awarded the coveted Export Performance award by the Chemexcil Council in India on three different occasions, including even the coveted First Place award, in recognition of its achievements.

Doctor Recommended

''Daily use of natural incense promotes longevity, harmonizes the psychophysical constitution, and enhances mental focus. If incense is to used in the area of children, AUROSHIKHA TM True to Nature® is to be preferred over aerosol air fresheners and less pure brands of incense, since it produces extremely low amounts of smoke of other products of combustion…It's a safe and healthy product to bring into your home for added freshness, harmony and health.''

The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living Newsletter, Vol. 5, No 3.

Incense that brings the natural quality of flowers, fragrant woods and herbs to life in your home.

Incence Fragrances that are ''True to Nature.''

Auroshikha is different than any other incense you may have tried because it is carefully crafted using natural ingredients to create a fragrance that is true to nature. The result is a selection of the finest scents in the world, with the delicacy and beauty of the original fragrance itself. Whether you are using our sandalwood, with its earthy, heady, woody note, or our rose, with its rich floral sweetness, you are getting a fragrance that will remind you of the source, without any chemical overtones of after-notes, and without the heavy smoke associated with many other brands. This creates an atmosphere of delight and freshness wherever you choose to burn Auroshikha incense.

Auroshikha provide a range of more than 30 fragrances to provide something for every occasion and taste. Auroshikha incense can be used for room air freshening as an alternative to chemical air fresheners, as a mood-enhancing background fragrance, or as a meditation aid. In order to give you the experience of a wide range of our fragrances, we also make an 18 fragrance sampler pack containing a selection of our most popular scents.

The AUROSHIKHA Difference

· Natural fragrances based on herbs, flowers, fragrant woods and essential oils;
· No glue or dung used in incense paste;
· Guaranteed non-toxic;
· Traditional preparation; hand rolled, never mass produced;
· No excess smoke;
· Aromatherapy quality fragrances

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