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Easy2Grow Autopot Self-Watering Planter - 2 Pot System: J
Easy2Grow Autopot Self-Watering Planter - 2 Pot System: J
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SKU: J_707605
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Gravity Powered - No Electricity Needed

The auto pot single is a gravity-fed self-watering planter.

Since the system is gravity feed, you have no need for a pump.

The auto pot single is a 1.93 gallon square pot that is meant to be filled with a 50/50 soilless mix of choice.

By connecting the 1/4'' feeder tube to a reservoir (of your size choice) placed at a higher elevation than the auto pot, the auto pot will automatically water the plant as needed allowing ''dry'' periods so that the plants are not overwatered, reducing the risk of obtaining root rot and other disease and pest infestations common with overwatering. Auto pots are good for use both indoor and outdoor as well as growing ornamentals or edible plants.

The Auto pot dual is the same as the auto pot single except it is a two plant system. Both square containers are 1.93 gallon that fit into a dual cavity tray providing automatic watering through the same gravity feed concept.

The Easy2Grow kit is the same as the auto pot 2 or Easy2Grow dual PLUS a 12.4 gallon reservoir with a cover. All of the components included in the easy grow kit can be stored inside of the reservoir during off season times.

AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ Self-Watering Planters & Kits

New from Hydrodynamics International! These new Easy 2 Grow™ Kits from AutoPot™ are the latest generation of self-watering planters that require absolutely no electricity, allowing them to be used virtually anywhere.

And since AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ self-watering planters and kits faithfully operate automatically, gardeners can feel free to relax or travel over the weekends and still be assured of healthy plants and bumper crops.

Don't pay for or rely on electricity! Let gravity do the work! Extremely effective and widely tested, AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ self-watering plant growing systems have been used in commercial greenhouse applications for years, and are now available to the home gardener.

Perfect for use in the backyard, on the deck, patio, balcony ... anywhere you want to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, while automatically feeding and watering them, without the need for costly electricity.

Available in a large 15L single pot and smaller 8.5L double pot versions, the AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ systems are infinitely and easily expandable by adding additional pot kits (J_ 707605).


AutoPot™ Easy 2 Grow™ Kits feature the patented AQUAValve™ which automatically provides the proper amount of water to the roots of the plant using only gravity and a reservoir.

The AQUAValve™ allows the AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ systems to mimic nature by providing growing plants with a complete wet then dry cycle which prevents root rot and allows more oxygen to reach the root systems.

Easy2Grow Kit w/Reservoir

The AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ Kit with Reservoir is a complete kit, providing the user with virtually everything they need to start growing. The AutoPot™ Easy2Grow™ Kit is ideal for backyards, greenhouses, decks, patios, balconies... even indoors! Automatically feed and water your plants for up to four weeks. Works with most plants, ornamental as well as edible.

Extremely easy to set up and use, the complete Easy2Grow™ Kit comes complete with a large 47 liter (12.4 US dry gallon) tank with cover; two (2) 8.5 liter (1.93 US dry gallon) square growing pots; the dual AutoPot™ Tray (2 cavities) and AQUAvalve cover; 1 AQUAvalve™; 1.5 meters (5 feet) of 6mm (1/4in) supply tubing; 2 Root Control Discs; 2 Marix Discs; inline filter and complete instructions.

All components fit neatly into the reservoir for off-season storage.

Easy2Grow 2-Pot Tray
For expansion capability, the Double AutoPot™ Tray is available separately with two (2) 8.5 liter (1.93 US dry gallon) square growing pots; the dual AutoPot™ Tray (2 cavities) and AQUAvalve™ cover; 1 AQUAvalve™; 1.5 meters (5 feet) of 6mm (1/4in) supply tubing; 2 Root Control Discs; 2 Marix Discs; inline filter and complete instructions.

Easy2Grow Single Pot Tray
Also available in a larger Single AutoPot™ Tray that includes one (1) 15 liter (3.41 US dry gallon) square growing pot; the Single AutoPot™ Tray (one cavity) and AQUAvalve cover; one AQUAvalve; 1.5 meters (5 feet) of 6mm (1/4in) supply tubing; one Root Control Disc; one Marix Disc; inline filter and complete instructions.

Both the Single and Dual AutoPots™ can be extended to fit into any greenhouse or growing area. You may have to provide a larger reservoir or multiple reservoirs, depending on the extent of your expansion. However, any plastic tank or water faucet can be easily adapted for this purpose.


Remove the yellow collar from the AQUAvalve by unscrewing it and slide it over one end of the 6mm pipe, included with your kit. Now push the pipe onto the AQUAvalve nozzle and replace the yellow collar.

Now secure the AQUAvalve in the 2 cavity tray by pushing it onto the raised Tee in the tray. The Tee slides into the half-moon recess at the bottom and back of the AQUAvalve.

Place the rectangular lid over the AQUAvalve.

Two Marix Discs, (BLACK) are supplied with the kit. Place a disc inside each pot. The Marix Discs prevent any compost/soil from leaving the pot.

Two RCD’s (Root Control Discs), GOLD & BLACK are supplied with the kit. Place a disc, gold face up into each side of the tray. The RCD’s will prevent roots from leaving the pot.

Now push the other end of the 6mm pipe into the grommet at the bottom of the 47 ltr tank, so that you are able to see the pipe inside the tank, 1'' will suffice. Take the filter and push it into the pipe that is visible inside the tank.

Now pot up, place up to 1'' of washed gravel or similar inside each pot and the compost of your choice. Use good quality compost freely available from your local garden center and plant up, water through and allow to drain outside the tray. Just before you place the pots into the tray take a small hand brush and remove any soil/ compost that is stuck to the bottom & sides of the pots. It is important that you keep the tray clean so that obstructions do not interfere with the AQUAvalve. Fill your tank with water and add liquid feed.

Useful Tips:

• Raise your 47 ltr tank 1-2 feet above the highest tray.
• Re-fill your tank when there is a third of the solution left. Don’t let it get too low.
• Liquid feed can also be added to the water in the tank. The plants will then receive food as they receive water. Alternatively
time release fertiliser can be added to the compost to provide food for the plants.
• X6 10mm holes are positioned in the top of the tray, these can be used to insert bamboo canes to form a wigwam for additional
plant support.
• X8 rectangular holes are also positioned around the base of the tray; these provide air circulation and allow you to pick the tray up easily.

• The tray if required can be secured to the top of a wall to create displays by using the two holes at either end of the tray The easy2grow Kit is GUARANTEED to water & feed your plants for a minimum of two weeks.

The easy2grow Kit can be easily extended to feed six plants by simply adding additional trays.

Shipping Information:

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You will get the tracking number as shipment confirmation to your email.

The J warehouse ships SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

The J warehouse does ship internationally.

Since HI, AK & US Territories force air shipment, air ship rates will be applied to your order.
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