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CO2-REG CO2 Regulator: J
CO2-REG CO2 Regulator: J
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Regulator connects to 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 tanks

Controls the flow of CO2 and regulates the amount of CO2 with a precision flow gauge that can be set from 1/2 to 15 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour)

Carbon Dioxide / CO2 is critical for all plants. Normal atmospheric air around the world averages about 380 Parts-Per-Million (PPM.)

When plants are provided higher levels of carbon dioxide, they can grow faster and larger. It is normally agreed by experts that up to 1500 PPM is beneficial to plants.

Easy to read and understand Color Coded pressure gauge

The 120 volt solenoid is pre-wired with a 6ft power cord to connect to a controller or timer.

When used with the optional CO2 EXP more than 1 tank can be coupled together to extend the time between tank changes

The C02-REG controls the flow of C02 and regulates the amount of C02 with a precision flow guage that can be set from 1/2 - 15 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour). The color coded pressure guage is easy to read and understand.

Comes with a 6 ft power cord and 120 volt solenoid pre-wired.

Ready to connect to a controller or a timer.

Can be used with either 20 lb or 50 lb C02 cylinders.

The C02-REG reduces the pressure from the cylinder from over 2000 psi down to 30 psi. Maximum inlet 3000 psi.

Compressed CO2 comes in pressurized tanks or cylinders. The gas pressure must be reduced and controlled in order to accurately release CO2 into the growing area.

The CO2-REG reduces the pressure of the CO2 exiting the tank, controls the flow of CO2 with a solenoid valve and regulates the amount of CO2 being released with a precision flow-gauge.

The CO2-REG CO2 regulator assembly comes complete with all of the required devices to make using compressed CO2 easy.

• Regulator connects directly to either 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 tanks.
• The 120-volt solenoid valve is pre-wired with a 6 ft power cord to connect to controllers or timers.
• The precision flow-gauge can release between 1/2 and 15 SCFH of CO2 per hour (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour).
• The optional CO2-EXP allows multiple tanks to be connected together to extend time between tank replacement. The low –pressure connection between the REG and EXP makes installation easy and SAFE.

Amps / Volts requirements 120-volt / 38 ma
Compressed CO2 connection CGA-320
Maximum inlet pressure 3000 PSI
Cu ft per hour / CO2 (SCFH) .5 to 15 SCFH
Weight 5 lbs
Life Expectancy > 10 years

3 Year Warranty

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