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EVC-2 Environmental Control (Digital): J
EVC-2 Environmental Control (Digital): J
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Shipping Weight: 80.00 ounces
SKU: J_702525
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The EVC-2 controls your temperature & humidity with digital accuracy.

Photocell allows day/night temperature & humidity settings and also provides daytime C02 operation.

The remote combination temperature & humidity probe allows the probe to be placed near plant canopy. It records & recalls minimum and maximum temperature & humidity levels.

The EVC-2 has two temperature modes, heating & cooling with separate humidity control to add or remove humidity.

Adjustable temperature deadband.

The EVC-2 has been designed to maintain a specific temperature and humidity within an area. It controls temperatures by operating a device such as an airconditioner, exhaust fan or heater.

The humidity is separately controlled and can be set to either increase or decrease the humidity to a specific level.

Like the temperature, there are separate Day and Night humidity settings that provide remarkable control of critical humidity levels especially at night.

• The EVC-2 coordinates the use of supplemental CO2 with the temperature control function. It is the best and most cost effective
device on the market.

• It also has the ability to record and recall the Minimum and Maximum temperatures and humidity. The built-in photocell allows the uses to set separate Daytime and Nighttime temperatures & humidity levels and also aids in controlling the CO2 operation.

• The remote temperature probe can be placed up to 16 feet from the controller to more accurately control the temperature.

• It can control either a Cooling or a Heating device and either a dehumidifier or a humidification device.

* Records max/min temp and humidity
* Adjustable temperature deadband
* Power: 15 amps @ 120 VAC
* Operating range: 32 to 120 deg F
* 0-99% Relative Humidity * Accuracy: +/- 1'F, +/- 3% rH

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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