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Bench Component H - Bench: A
Bench Component H - Bench: A
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Our Price: $49.50
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Shipping Weight: 128.00 ounces
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Most Botanicare systems are available with a high quality powder coated aluminum bench. The aluminum bench supports the tray separating it from the reservoir. This makes it easier to clean the system and to change the reservoir water. The bench also provides support for optional light-stand if desired.

All bench bars are 1'' square powder coated heavy duty aluminum. Bench legs are 14.5'' high.

HSB2 - LxWxH 26''X33.25''X15.25'' supports 2 42'' X 8'' TRAYS, 2 44'' X 6'' TRAYS, 1 24'' X 44'' TRAY

HSB2EX LxWxH 24''X33.25''X15.25'' - the expansion bench has a straight joiner to facilitate linking to an existing bench

HSB4 - LxWxH 50''X33.25''X15.25'' supports 4 42'' X 8'' TRAYS, 4 44'' X 6'' TRAYS, 2 24'' X 44'' TRAY

HSB4EX - LxWxH 48''X33.25''X15.25'' - the expansion bench has a straight joiner to facilitate linking to an existing bench

HSB6 - LxWxH 74''X33.25''X15.25'' supports 6 42'' X 8'' TRAYS, 6 44'' X 6'' TRAYS, 3 24'' X 44'' TRAY

HSB6EX LxWxH 72''X33.25''X15.25'' - the expansion bench has a straight joiner to facilitate linking to an existing bench

HSB8 - LxWxH 98''X33.25''X15.25'' supports 8 42'' X 8'' TRAYS, 8 44'' X 6'' TRAYS, 4 24'' X 44'' TRAY

HSB8EX LxWxH 96''X33.25''X15.25'' - the expansion bench has a straight joiner to facilitate linking to an existing bench

HSB3X3 - LxWxH supports 1- 36'' X 36'' TRAY

HSB4X4 - LxWxH supports 1- 48'' X 48'' TRAY

HSB3X6 - LxWxH supports 1- 36'' X 72'' TRAY

HSB4X8 - LxWxH supports 1- 48'' X 96'' TRAY

H Bench - HSB-H -LxWxH 2''X26.25''X12'' This is a half bench, one side with no crossbar or middle, for the back end of the Econojet 2 X 4 tray that is supported by a 20 gallon reservoir on the front end.

COMPABASE - this is the 1'' square foot into which fits the 1'' square aluminum bench bar.

Expansion Benches: All of our expansion benches are made to connect to the standard benches in order to add length and trays to the system.

Bench Rolling Cradle: This is a subframe reservoir support that allows you to put our modular systems on wheels.

Jetflow system: Basically the only change is the crossbar dimension. On the regular bench setup the crossbars are 31'' , for the jetflow application the crossbars are only 30''. When ordering benches for 2'x4' trays please note that each tray is 2 tray spaces for the regular bench, hence the 2 tray bench for the Jetflow system is actually our standard 4 tray bench with shorter crossbars. All you need to do when ordering benches is specify which system the bench would apply to.

Shipping Information:

In Stock! Products from the A warehouse are 95% in stock. American Agritech / Botanicare (A) warehouse ships UPS, Fedex or common carrier to STREET ADDRESSES ONLY, Ground or Express. You will be given the Express option on checkout.

You will get the tracking number as shipment confirmation to your email.

The A warehouse does ship internationally.

Since HI, AK & US Territories force air shipment, air ship rates will be applied to your order.
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