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Jewelweed Anti-Itch Soap 4 oz: HH
Jewelweed Anti-Itch Soap 4 oz: HH
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Jewelweed Anti-Itch Soap 4 oz: HH

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Do a patch test with the soap before using it all over. In rare instances further reddening of the skin has occurred. Always use soap before the spray. These products are intended for use without additional products. Additional external treatments may reduce the effectiveness of these products. The actions of these products will be evident within 24 hours at most. If no dramatic relief is achieved contact your physician as well as your seller.

Use in bath or shower after exposure or at first signs of poison oak/ivy for best results and to prevent breakout. First treatment is expected to help dramatically with itching and swelling.

Wet soap and rub liberally on affected areas. Leave on for at least 30 seconds then rinse and repeat. Jewelweed is safe to use on face and hair. Jewelweed soap is useful for many rashes and irritations as well as acne and razor bumps. Regular use will prevent breakouts from occurring.

Impatiens pallida , Impatiens aurea, Impatiens biflora
Jewelweed, glycerine soap base
About 30 dropperfuls per fl oz. 30-40 drops per dropperful. Herbal tinctures (extracts) are a highly effective way to administer herbs. They are very concentrated, they work faster than teas and are four to eight times stronger than capsules. Extracts are easily digestible and quickly assimilate into the system.

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