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Aloe Vera Oil 1 gallon: C
Aloe Vera Oil 1 gallon: C
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This is 100% natural topical oil by Starwest. A unique beauty oil that penetrates easily. All natural Aloe Vera oil is light and delicate. It is excellent for normal to oily skins, yet mild enough for sensitive skins.

Aloe barbadensis is used precisley the same way as Aloe vera, and is covered by the old herbalists in the same article, under the heading 'Aloes.' As the Eclectic Materia Medica, 1922, puts it, 'The dried juice of the leaves of several species of Aloe: (1) Aloe Perryi, Baker; (2) Aloe vera, Linné; (3) Aloe ferox, Miller. (Nat. Ord. Liliaceae). Barbadoes, Africa and the Orient. Common Names: (1) Socotrine Aloes; (2) Curaçoa Aloes; (3) Cape Aloes.' As Grieve puts it, 'There is little to choose medicinally between the Curacoa and Socotrine varieties...'

When applied externally, aloe vera gel or preparations of gel made from the plant powder achieve anti-inflammatory effects through activity against bradykinin, prostaglandin and thromboxane, which are substances involved in causing inflammatory swelling, pain and constriction of small blood vessels.

Laboratory experiments have shown that the gel stimulates the growth not only of lymphocytes, which are important blood cells in immunological defence mechanisms, but also of fibroblastic cells in skin and connective tissues, thus aiding in tissue regeneration after wounding.

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Aloe barbadensis

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