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Excellofizz: 50 CO2 tablets: HY
Excellofizz: 50 CO2 tablets: HY
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Excellofizz is economical for small to medium size greenhouses. Requires no expensive dispensing or monitoring equipment, and can be used effectively once every other day. That is, 15 tablets is a thirty-day supply.

This product is used to increase the amount of CO2 in small growing areas without the use of bottle tanks. Excellofiz emits the proper CO2 levels for indoor plants by reacting and giving off pure CO2 gas and also absorbing oxygen from the air.

Simply place one of the Excellofiz pucks into the container provided. Pour 2-1/2 ounces of water into the container and leave the lid open slightly. Excellofiz will then slowly react emitting the proper amount of CO2 gas for approximately 8 hours into the photoperiod. Excellofiz will then continue to increase CO2 levels after the reaction has completely subsided by absorbing oxygen from the air.

Excellofizz pucks are now 20% larger and last 3 hours longer total of 8 hours, and will now treat up to a 10 x 12 room.

Now with eucalyptus. This refreshing and uplifting fragrance is sure to enhance your growing pleasure and will cover unwanted odors. Eucalyptus also kills airborne bacteria and dispels mites.

Each puck when reacted will emit enough CO2 gas in a 10' x 12' area to raise the level by approximately 1600ppm. This will give a total of 1900-2200ppm for optimum growth.

Excellofizz will greatly increase plant mass and fruit load.

Excellofizz releases CO2 into your greenhouse or grow room atmosphere allowing leafy plant tissue to quickly and easily absorb carbon.

Plants are made up of two basic components: water and carbon. Carbon is the building block for all plants.

Excellofizz is safe to use around people and pets and will not raise the CO2 to dangerous levels.

Excellofizz will not add heat or moisture to your greenhouse. In fact it will remove some heat and moisture.

Excellofizz contains pure natural environmentally friendly ingredients that can be safely disposed of.


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