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American Agritech has researched and developed a consumer driven line of organic and bio-organic plant nutrients, supplements and soilless grow substrates.
The Botanicare Line properly allows gardeners to achieve dynamic growth rates and yields, while increasing flavors, aromas, and nutritional levels in fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
The only complete line of original organic and bio-organic products for container gardens, as well as soilless hydrogardening applications.
Botanicare consists of organic compost solutions, all organic stand alone plant nutrients, bio-organic plant nutrients, bio-stimulant bloom enhancer, calcium, magnesium nutrient catalyst, salt leaching solution, and organic soilless grow substrates.

Unleash the power of your garden by combining science and nature.

Botanicare is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and it's success has been driven by satisfied customers and their successful gardens.

Liquid Karma® - Bio-catalyst plant stimulant.

Pure Blend Original® - Metabolic organic compost solutions.

Pure Blend Pro® - Hydro-organic plant nutrients.

Cal-Mag Plus® - Calcium, magnesium and iron plant nutrient supplement.

Clearex® - Salt leaching solution.

Hydroplex® - Bio-stimulant bloom enhancer.

Hydro-Pro Series® - Advanced professional nutrient system.

Power Series® - Advanced bio-organic plant nutrients.

Bio-Humic® - Organic plant acid extract.

Sea Blast® - Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

Profoliar® - Foliar Feed Plant Food.

Iron-Star® - Iron chelate concentrate.

Silica Blast® - Plant Bio-mass Yield Enhancer.

Agri-Mineral 72 - Naturally chelated essential plant minerals.

Root Shield® - Trichoderma bio-fungicide.

Bio-Nova® - All organic dry blend of composted ingredients.

Ready-Gro Substrates® - Soilless organic grow substrate.

Coir Fiber - Replacing peat moss a substrate.

Perlite - Lightweight soilless substrate.

Gro Rock - Soilless substrate for hydroponic gardening.

Aqua Rock - Pourous pumice rock substrate.

Dutch Plantin - Soilless Organic Coco Plant.

Cultilene Stone Wool - Professional Soilless Grow Substrate.

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