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Jet Grow Hydroponic Systems

American Agritech's Jet Gro Series® are designed to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Our systems are a complete growing system with modular features; expandability built in.

Jetstream® - Top Watering Slab or Pot System.

The Jet Gro Series® are equipped with the Hydroflex Expansion Adapter. When a larger system is desired, simply unplug the Hydroflex and slip on a new bench delivery and drainage module.

Jetstream Mini® - 24" Wide, for Narrow Applications.

The Jet Gro Series® has unique features unseen in the gardening industry. The bench delivery module is powder coated, anodized aluminum frame featuring three way connectors. An optional light stand mounts onto the bench module for sturdy and rigid support of light fixtures and trellis.

Jetfilm® - Nutrient Film System.

The Jet Gro Series® are unsurpassed in rigidity and structural support as well as the overall design and engineering of each hydrogardening system.

Aerojet® - True Aeroponic System.

Each system also features spinlock fittings for a no leak/no clamp fit. All systems come with a Multi-Res Reservoir. This custom reservoir is designed with a removable gripped lid for easy access to the reservoir tank.

JetFlo® - Ebb and Flow System.

Bulkhead ports are built in for joining two reservoirs together or to use a centrifugal pump outside the reservoir for high output applications. An optional Humidome® is available on our Jet Flo ® Ebb and Flow systems.

Econo-Jet Series - Economical Ebb Flow and Drip Systems.

All systems showcase the Hydroware® line of specialized, durable plastic grow trays.

Turbogarden - Ebb and Flow, Drip and Aeroponic Systems.

Compare the Jet Series to other systems on the market and take note of the overall quality of components, system reliability, standard measurements for expandability, and ease of maintenance, and be assured that the Jet Gro Series® are in a class by itself.

Clone Machines - American Agritech's Aeroponic Propagating Systems.

Terrace Hydrogardens - Space Utilizing Systems.
Jet Series Options and Accessories - Light Stands, Pumps.
Microgarden - Perpetual growth machine.
Zen Garden - Stainless Steel Self-watering Planter and Cut Flower Garden.
Aero Machine - Aeroponic hydrogarden.
JetGro Planter - Self-contained growth chamber.

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